The Gargoyles in Gramercy Park Neighborhood Walking Tour

Manhattan, NY , United States

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Alfred Pommer is an author, a college graduate and a native of New York City. He worked for the New York City Parks Department for 25 years (15 years as a supervisor). Fascinated by the city’s history and architecture, he decided to share his passion with others and started to organize walking tours in the early 1990s. As a true passionate of New York City, Alfred collects photographs and anecdotes of the spots he enjoys the most. He is the author of four Manhattan guide books “Exploring the Original West Village”, “Exploring New York's SoHo”, "Exploring Manhattan's Murray Hill" and "Exploring Gramercy Park and Union Square". Alfred Pommer has an author's page at amazon .com (

What we’ll do

The Tour This walking tour is about 1 hour long and includes the Gramercy Park Historic District and its environs. It has 9 stops featuring buildings displaying gargoyles, some of which are listed as New York City and/ or national landmark buildings. We will see century-old gargoyles as we walk through Gramercy Park & “Block Beautiful”. History and architecture along with interesting pictures and stories will help unite us with the neighborhoods past. Photographs of the distant gargoyles are included. Gramercy Park is an exclusive neighborhood that was created in the early part of the 19th century, for well to do New Yorkers – and exists to this day, as one of Manhattan’s most desirable neighborhoods. The History Gramercy Park is an exclusive, neighborhood created in the early 19th century by Samuel Ruggles for wealthy New Yorkers. To this day this picturesque historic neighborhood attracts admirers in search of remnants of a grander era. They admire the Players Club, The National Arts Club. & The Gramercy and they realize that they are walking down the streets and passing the homes where famous 19th and 20th-century writers, artists, and powerful politicians lived and worked. The People Some of the notable personalities associated with Gramercy Park’s past are: Humphrey Bogart, Stanford White, Joseph P. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, Samuel Tilden, Edwin Booth, John Barrymore, Thomas Edison, Jimmy Cagney, Margaret Hamilton, John Carradine, Jimmy Fallon, Oleg Cassini, Theda Bara, Lincoln Kirstein, George Wolfe, Ida Tarbell, and there are more. To Sum Up….The tour includes 9 buildings with gargoyles. Architecture and history along with some interesting stories are included along with photographs of the distant gargoyles – some of the gargoyles are over a hundred years old.



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    $25 USD

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