Meet these awesome 10 brunch worthy Philly restaurants that not only fill your stomachs but your hearts too!

Sunday marks everyone’s favorite day to sleep in before grabbing a filling brunch. Throw in some mimosas or bloody mary’s and you have fully prepared for Monday. In an effort to bring the community together for a celebration of flavor-filled brunch food, Philadelphia’s rich history, and new beginnings—Brunchfest brought top Philly’s locals favorite brunch restaurants together and took over the streets of Queens Village.

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With families and young millennial’s sharing in one another’s company in the communal space. And friends meeting new faces at bar tables, my top three favorite bites of the day can be found below:

  1. The Little Bird Cafe: Pumpkin pie spiced cinnamon rolls with cream cheese glaze was my favorite item of the day. It brought together a fall must-have, aka pumpkin flavored treats with a year round guilty pleasure (cinnamon rolls). And the best part was the young helper who made sure everyone’s orders were being filled. I can’t wait to visit the brick and mortar bakery located off S 5th street for some more sweets.

    Credit: @thebreakfastgrubguy

  2. Kanella: A delicious treasure located on Front Street served up Greek yogurt with toppings in the form of pistachio nuts, a dash of cinnamon and honey. The savory goodness that accompanied this pro-biotic treat came in the form of a flaky sesame bread layered between melted cheese and dosed with olive oil. A nice stroll along the pier and some Greek food appear to be in my near future.
    Courtesy of Asya Photography

  3. Sabrina’s Cafe: With five busy locations and two options for stuffed French toast at their tent, you couldn’t go wrong. After indulging in their famous banana stuffed French toast, I was scared to use my other food tickets for fear of being let down. It was the perfect amount of sweetness lodged between two thick pieces of coated breaded, and I’ll definitely check out their other offerings at one of their many locations sometime soon.

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Brunchfest featured over ten restaurants within walking distance from the public space, who donated bite sized offerings to attendees on Sunday, October 16th at Bainbridge Green.

A full list of participating restaurants that you MUST to venture in Philadelphia include:

  1. Ela, 627 S. 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA
  2. Southwark, 701 S 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA
  3. Whetstone Tavern, 700 S 5th Street, Philadelphia, PA
  4. Hungry Pigeon, 743 S 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA
  5. The Good King Tavern, 614 S 7th Street, Philadelphia, PA
  6. South Street Bagels, 613 S 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA
  7. Kanella, 757 S Front Street, Philadelphia, PA
  8. Sabrina’s Cafe, 910 Christian Street, Philadelphia, PA
  9. Plenty Cafe, 705 S 5th Street, Philadelphia, PA
  10. Little Bird Bakery, 517 S 5th Street, Philadelphia, PA

All ten brought something unique and delicious to the Brunchfest!

Courtesy of Asya Photography

The event was pulled together with its alcoholic offerings mixed by 13th Street Cocktails Catering and Stateside Distillery, where two cheery bartenders served drinks out of a carriage style vehicle. I kept looking around for where their horses were tied up.

According to Chairman of Friends of Bainbridge Green, Jonathan Rubin, Brunchfest is all about bringing people together for an opportunity to build a safe community space with more greenery, and to protect its pedestrians.

Check out more photos of the event:

Kudos to Friends of Bainbridge Green, Queens Village, South Street Headhouse District, and the Streets Department for rallying together for a great cause on a lovely fall day.

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