“Surround yourself around fitness minded people, positivity can be contagious!”

Dancing may not be easy or comfortable to you. But, knock it till you try it! There’s always a dance move that can connect you to the rhythms of nature. Today, take a journey with us to the beautiful heart of San Francisco and go behind the scene of all of the unique dancing classes taught by top local dance instructors at RAE studio!

About RAE Studio:

Rae Studios is a boutique dance & fitness studio in Union Square over looking downtown San Francisco with wall-to-wall mirrors, high ceilings, stretch bars, window-side resting area, and a kick ass team of dance & fitness experts enjoying the art of movement! Over 20+ classes open 6 days a week with various classes. Offering private private lessons, bachelorette & birthday party packages, studio rentals.

Pick your favorite class to learn with RAE studio below and rock the dance floor this season!

Striptease Dance Class

Jazz Funk Dance Class

Twerk Party

Cardio Bollywood by BollyX

Ballet Master Workshop ~ A Dark Fairytale

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