in the past four days, we have thanked our friends, family and loved ones. the last missing puzzle is to not forget to thank ourselves. we know it might sound cliche – it does take a good amount of effort to survive the year of ups and downs.

everyone deserves to treat themselves! and what better way to do it than to discover new passions and hobbies, explore our next growth area and color your life with new things to do. we are not saying that the occasional chocolate treats, foodie escapades or crawl up in the bed and binge-watch gilmore girls (this is not a paid plug, we just love gilmore girls!) are not good treats. but if we really want to gift ourselves something, there’s nothing better than an experience that help us grow.

that’s why you should #givepassion to yourself and we want to help you to do that – send yourself a gift or nudge someone to send you one.

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nothing captures what learning a new skill means better than this story by one of our user who went for a 101 glassblowing workshop with master glassblower dee!

“about 20 years ago, i took a class to create glass beads (lampworking) and hated it-the whole process was really intimidating to me. approaching dee and inquiring about the class, he thought he could help me feel more comfortable working with the glass. it was a complete success-as soon as i walked in he asked me about what i didn’t enjoy before, and explained how he was going to teach me differently. the first thing he did is to get each of the students comfortable working with the glass itself by making a clear glass marble, and then moved along to creating a marble with added color, then suggested that we create a fish and then try creating a hollow form by blowing glass. by the end of the class, not only had i overcome my fear of the hot glass, but i went home and investigated the cost of acquiring the equipment for myself. it is all down to dee’s approach-he was super attentive, without hovering, and was completely unfazed by students who didn’t follow his exact curriculum. there were two other beginning students-they both started with the clear marbles, but the woman next to me made a whale instead of a colored marble, and her husband just kept working with the glass to see what kind of colors and shapes he could create. dee never pushed his plan for the learning process, and just kept reiterating that as long as we were keeping control of the glass, we were the artists and he was just there to help us achieve our vision. if you have any interest in working with glass-you have to take dee’s class, it’s great!” melise (august 19, 2016).

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